The coconut shell charcoal briquette isn’t something new as people (especially those who live in the rural areas) have been using one for burning and cooking. However, only recently people have started to see and realize the greater benefits of the natural briquette.

The briquette is now being traded in the global world as one of the most natural and promising commodity. It’s quite reasonable, really, considering that the coconut briquette is able to provide tons of benefits.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette and Improved Cooking Experience

If you are into grilling and making barbeques, using the coconut briquettes can really improve the overall experience. Some people love grilling, but they hate dealing with the dark and smelly smokes. If you are one of them, you won’t have to worry about anything when using this coconut briquette. Not only you don’t have to deal with the excess smoke anymore, you can save the environment at the same time.

High Heating Value

Also known as caloric value, this heating value refers to the overall amount of heat being released from a source. The heating value for coconut briquette is around 7000 calories. Not to mention that the value can be released in a very steady and consistent manner. When you take your grilling fun into account, this heating value can seriously affect the experience. Your grill will be more controllable, resulting in improved and evenly cooked barbeque.

Eco-Friendly Nature

Wood charcoal has been considered a popular option for grilling, but unfortunately, it leaves dangerous carbon print which can be dangerous for Mother Earth. The traditional charcoal briquette produces excessive carbon dioxide, which leads of greenhouse gas effect. Not to mention that you will have to cut down a lot of trees to produce the briquette.

Such a thing doesn’t happen with coconut charcoal briquette. First of all, there is no tree or other stuff being cut down because the briquette is made from coconut shell waste. Yes, it’s a waste, which means that it’s completely disposable and natural. Moreover, the briquette doesn’t produce smoke. The result is clean grilling, and you won’t have to be choked by the dark suffocating cloud of smoke.

Steady and Consistent Burning

Whereas the traditional charcoal briquette isn’t able to provide steady burning outcome, it’s not the case with the coconut briquette. When you just leave the briquette burn for a while (without using it for anything, including cooking), the briquette will reach its maximum temperature and highest burning point. Once you use it for cooking or grilling, you can expect very effective burning efficiency.

It’s safe to say that you can cook evenly. You can cook faster and you don’t have to spend a lot of times cooking. A lot of people have been using the briquette for barbeque marathon where they can grilling meat non-stop, and yet, the fire doesn’t disappoint them.

It Takes Only a Little

Another thing to like about this coconut briquette is the fact that you only need to use very little of them, and yet, you can burn longer. When you use the traditional wooden charcoal briquette, you will have to take a handful of them, and still…the fire doesn’t last long.

You will have to add up more briquette lump again and again. But with the coconut briquette, you only need to use a little and you can use it for hours. If you want something economical that can help you save up money, this coconut briquette would be the best option.


Coconut briquette is viewed to be a promising alternative fuel, especially if you want something natural and pure. Coconut shell charcoal briquette is safe and advantageous, and with so many perks like that, it’s probably the future of our fuel source.