While most people think of royal locations to tie the knot, you can decide to conduct your wedding ceremony on a yacht. If you and your partner enjoy doing things differently, then you may realize that a yacht wedding is a unique category of its kind. With so many ceremonies happening on the beach, be that single person who weds on a boat. This is the new cool in the wedding industry. Kick off your marriage life in the middle of the ocean where there are no boundaries, endless peace and tranquillity. If you are an ardent lover of water, while the ocean breeze soothes your heart, then yacht weddings are the perfect embodiment for the occasion.

Ever heard of swimming on the waves of happiness phrase? Well, the yacht wedding package can make the expression more sensible besides its metaphorical meaning. How would it feel being in the middle of the Indian Ocean on top of the European Chic? It can ultimately sum up the package in style. While selecting your yacht wedding package, you have an option to either hold the ceremony on board or at the nearby beach. After tying the knot, you will have the chance to cruise the ocean to the exotic islands that are close by.

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You will also get the opportunity to surf and snorkel in the ocean and experience the beautiful underwater environments. After all the fun in the sea, you can settle down for a romantic dinner as you glamorously gaze at the setting sun. Whether you love a quiet or loud celebration, the choice will be yours. Yacht wedding celebrations are perfect especially if you mind a lot about your privacy.

If you need to organize a small party, you would not want gate crushers to spoil the mood. Just take it away – literally with a yacht. You are in control of who will or won’t be on board. You can get these services and much more from the Seven Agency which is Bali wedding planner and a member of the Bali Wedding Association – the only legal association in Bali. There is also a solid in-house team that helps organize the process on your big day.

You may not be interested in yacht weddings but have a craving for an exotic wedding. Royal weddings in Bali provide an unforgettable experience wisata toraja. At royal weddings, you will be required to act as a Balinese princess or goddess and conduct the wedding to your wildest exotic fantasies. These royal weddings are performed in mystical temples of the Hindu culture. The temples are decorated with colourful stucco, carvings of Balinese legends, and various mythical drawings.

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You and your partner will come to the ceremony wearing traditional wedding costumes in Balinese. As the ceremony proceeds, the local people will come out in large numbers with gifts and tropical flowers to shower and bless your marriage. This ceremony can sound more of a dream until you try it out.

2019 has been packed with incredible royal weddings the most common being the Duke and Duchess from Sussex who tied the knot at Windsor Castle. You can also have your royal wedding with our most comprehensive choice of available wedding venues an locations.