In whole of eastern United States, the menace of carpenter ants has increased a lot. Such ants are smaller in size however they can do lots of damage to your property. They usually take shelter in damp or dead woods and create a tunnel on it and then carry out with their activities.

If you detect their presence in your household then avoid doing the following:

Never Ignore the presence of carpenter ants

You can notice them mostly in dead or damp woods particularly if piles of woods are lying in your backyard then such carpenter ants will be definitely present over there. If you just ignore their presence then they can grow further in their population and soon can do lots of damages to your property.

You need to take immediate action or call for Solution Cimex pour fourmis charpentière which means you must get in touch with Cimex Solution for extermination of carpenter ants. Following are the signs of their infection

  1. You will find them crawling in your home or building
  2. They will enter into their hole and then come out again
  3. You can hear faint rustling noise in the walls
  4. Piles of wood shaving

If you observe any of the above signs then you should not ignore them. It will go worse as time passes. You must immediately act so that they do not cause further damage.

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Don’t rely on your own control methods

Many people often try to use their own methods to eradicate them, which may not at all be effective in eradicating them. You may feel initially that your action is working however after few days you will find them again. Therefore, you must call professional pest control people to get rid of them.

Don’t delay to call any pest control

Calling pest control people is the best solution to get rid of such carpenter ants Borneo. They will use the right chemicals that will be very effective to kill them completely and will not return back again. Pest control people may also provide you various tips to prevent their reoccurrence.

Don’t ignore the tips given by pest control to prevent their reoccurrence

Once these carpenter ants have been removed, you must be very alert and take preventive measures so that they may not grow again. Take following preventive measures.

  1. Seal their entrance
  2. Keep your foodstuff in airtight container
  3. Bushes and trees must be trimmed regularly

Never underestimate these carpenter ants, as these tiny creatures can do a lot of harm.